Elevate your care standards with our comprehensive compliance solutions

Navigating the intricate landscape of CQC compliance can be challenging. At Prydis Care Consultancy, we are committed to simplifying this process, offering a holistic approach that ensures your care facility not only meets but excels in every regulatory standard.

Why CQC compliance matters

Regulatory compliance isn’t just a statutory obligation—it’s the cornerstone for establishing a reputable, high-quality care service. A superior CQC rating can significantly elevate your market position, instilling greater confidence among stakeholders and clients alike.

Our CQC & Compliance services:

Registration Support

We offer complete assistance in registering services, nominated individuals, and registered managers. This includes expert review and support for essential documents such as your Statement of Purpose and Residents Guide.

Quality Audits

Our meticulous quality audits are conducted against fundamental standards, ensuring that your care facility adheres to all regulations, thereby improving your CQC ratings.

Independent Compliance Reports

Need an independent evaluation for external stakeholders like lenders or for marketing purposes? We provide impartial, detailed compliance reports that hold credibility in the industry.

Recovery Support

Has your care home received a ‘Requires Improvement’ or ‘Inadequate’ rating? Our strategic interventions are geared to expedite your recovery process, realigning your services to meet and exceed CQC standards.

Governance and Internal Audits

Through our rigorous governance and internal quality audits, we’ll help you establish a robust framework for continual improvement.

Risk Management

We offer comprehensive risk management solutions that protect your organisation from unforeseen complications, thus enhancing operational efficiency and client trust.

Care Plan Content Review

Our team will critically assess and enhance your existing care plans, ensuring they are not only compliant but also effective in delivering high-quality care.

Trust Prydis Care Consultancy for unmatched expertise

With Prydis Care Consultancy, you’re not just investing in compliance—you’re investing in the future of your care home. Trust us to be your partner in achieving operational excellence and delivering unparalleled care.

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