What is Wealth Performance Management?


Disrupting silos is all the rage in the IT world, but when it comes to financial services it’s a different story.

You might have your mortgage with one bank, your everyday expenses with another, plus multiple insurance products all with different providers. Not to mention your savings, investments and pensions. With so much information coming from so many different sources, it can be difficult to get a clear picture of your finances and virtually impossible to manage your assets in the way you want to.

Prydis are champions of financial visibility.

Our integrated approach to wealth performance management brings accounting, legal and wealth planning expertise together under one roof. It can be time-consuming to have to coordinate information from multiple advisers. Some of our client base prefer to use our dedicated account management service, which provides a single point of contact who can coordinate input from our specialist team on their behalf. Having all these different, yet intrinsically interlinked skills in-house enables us to help protect and enhance the wealth that our clients have worked hard to accrue over the years.

We combine the best of new and traditional methods from across the wealth performance management spectrum to create smart solutions for our clients.

From the tried and trusted techniques that wealth managers, lawyers and accountants have been using for decades to new, strategic financial planning methods. Our in-house experts are all highly qualified, with many years of experience in helping entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals to achieve their financial objectives. Our Chartered Financial Planners, Chartered Tax Advisers, Chartered Accountants and Solicitors have previously worked for independent law practices, specialist accountancy firms and leading wealth management houses.

With many of our clients owning, growing and selling successful businesses, our expert accounting team are committed to helping our clients maximise the performance of both corporate and personal assets, lowering costs and improving efficiency. Our lawyers deliver rigorous and efficient legal solutions, informed by financial and accounting insight to cover all eventualities. And on the financial planning side, our wealth managers are innovative in their approach, providing bespoke services that help to shape a secure future for our clients.

We take a consultative approach to maximising the performance of your assets.

We work with you to connect your personal financial goals with your business objectives, ensuring clarity, visibility and efficiency. Consolidating transparent accountancy, legal and wealth management expertise, this is the Prydis methodology for Wealth Performance Management.


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