Your Complete Guide to SSAS Pensions


SSAS pensions can be a lot of things: rewarding, liberating and lucrative. But they can also be confusing too. That’s why we have created a hub of useful information that contains everything you need to know about SSAS pensions. From setting up your SSAS to the types of investment choices you can make – and everything in between – we have got you covered. Best of all everything is jargon-free and written in plain English. Just click the links on the articles that interest you.

SECTION 1: How does a SSAS pension work?

How does a SSAS pension work?

A SSAS is a highly flexible type of pension. But before deciding whether it’s right for you, you need to know a few basics about how it works. Whether you have been invited to join a SSAS scheme or have questions about a scheme you are currently part of, we answer the common questions.

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How to set up a SSAS pension

Starting a new SSAS pension is exciting and opens up a lot of possibilities. But it’s vital to make sure your scheme is set up efficiently, simply and – most importantly – legally. Here’s the advice you need.

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SSAS age limits

Whether you are setting up a new fund or looking to draw from an existing SSAS scheme, there are certain age limits that apply. This short article covers the need-to-knows.

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Can you transfer a SIPP to a SSAS?

In short: yes, you can. You can transfer any type of UK pension arrangement, as long as the scheme is registered with HMRC. But just because you can doesn’t mean that you should. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

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SSAS vs SIPP: which is better?

SSAP vs SIPP: two tax-efficient pension schemes. But which is better for you, your finances and your business? Essentially that comes down to how much control and flexibility you want, and whether you want the freedom to invest in your own company. We take a look at the nuances of each pension scheme.

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Who regulates SSAS pensions?

One of the main attractions of a SSAS pension is the freedom it gives you. But who regulates the scheme? What protection exists for your fund? And who’s accountable for meeting your HMRC obligations?

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SECTION 2: What can a SSAS invest in?

Can a SSAS invest in commercial property?

A SSAS can invest in commercial property and it can be a prudent investment for several reasons. But which types of commercial property are eligible, and which provide the best potential returns?

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Can a SSAS invest in residential property?

It’s possible to invest in residential property with a SSAS. But the regulations surrounding this type of investment are complex – and getting it wrong can be costly. Here’s everything you need to know to invest wisely.

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How to make a SSAS property purchase

Buying property can always be complicated. But that’s especially true when you’re doing it through a SSAS. Here’s what you need to know to help the SSAS property pruchase process run as smoothly as possible and make the most of your investment opportunity.

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Can a SSAS borrow money?

Yes a SSAS can borrow money, but only under specific circumstances. Let’s take a look at how much you can borrow with your SSAS and what you can use the money for.

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Can a SSAS lend money?

A SSAS can indeed lend money, however HMRC sets strict conditions on the nature of any loans issued. It’s very important to be clear on these in order to avoid costly mistakes. In this article we cover everything from who you can lend to through to loan duration and interest rates.

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SECTION 3: Managing your SSAS

Does a SSAS need a professional trustee?

A professional trustee is a financial expert who manages the day-to-day admin of your SSAS scheme. And while it’s not yet a legal obligation to have a professional trustee, doing so can protect the legal integrity of your pension scheme and prevent you from getting caught up in a lot of red tape.

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