Case Study: Exposure Films


“Prydis have been my advisers for the past three years. As my business model was transforming, I realised I desperately needed new accountancy services and financial advice with broader expertise. With Prydis, I have total visibility over my finances. Now I can take advantage of strategic opportunities I wouldn’t even have been aware of previously.”

Alex Estrella, Managing Director at Exposure Films

The Challenge

I founded my video production company, Exposure Films, in 2006 and the operation quickly grew. Though the business is based in the UK, we now produce corporate videos for many different global clients, including Virgin, Electrolux and Disney.

In 2016, a good friend of mine recommended I meet with Prydis. As my business was changing fast, I realised I was going to need an adviser with more depth of experience who could help with more than the everyday financial support I received from my accountant.

The Solution

From the start, I was really impressed by Prydis’s ability to present really tangible methods for maximising my return both from a tax planning and a pension planning perspective, as well as how to invest my capital. They’re a great sounding board for ideas. When you run a company, you are often dealing with uncharted territory when it comes to making certain key business decisions. Before meeting Prydis, I had invested in buying an office for my company in a structure that wasn’t at all tax-efficient and very expensive. I had no idea what other opportunities were available to me. Prydis were able to help me maximise the return on my investment by setting up a (SSAS (small self-administered scheme) pension scheme that would buy my commercial property, so I gained a much more tax-efficient arrangement for my office as well as a better deal for my pension.

What is really unique about Prydis’s approach is how integrated it is. Because they have financial planners, lawyers, accountants and wealth managers all under the same roof, Prydis only have to walk across the room to get the input needed to complete a transaction. With all this combined expertise, they build up a 360-degree picture of you as an individual, so they have a full understanding of what you need, and you get a really personalised service. You also get a tangible feeling they are really working for you and your business, always looking for the most tax efficient ways to operate your business and personal investments. Too many accountancy firms and Financial Advisers don’t engage in constantly scrutinising legislation to find ways to mitigate impact on business performance.

“What I really value most about Prydis, apart from the quality of the advice they give, is their integrity”

The Results

The impact of working with Prydis has been huge for me and my business. The original way I had purchased my office, as personal property, turned out to be the most tax-inefficient way to purchase a commercial property and the monthly rent was taxable. Whereas with the SSAS pension fund Prydis set up for me, my office’s rent is taxed at 0% and goes straight in my pension scheme. Unlike with a limited company or personal investment, my capital is protected against all eventualities. Pensions are very robust, so the risk is minimal, and they’re flexible so I can even borrow money back if I need to. I’ve been able to improve liquidity for my business and had a great cash boost for my pension scheme.

Recently, Prydis have equally helped me to re-mortgage one of my buy-to-lets for which I was able to get a really good rate and also my home. Now, when I need financial or legal advice or have a business idea or want to invest in a company, I can give Prydis a call and benefit from their experience. They will advise me on the tax, accounting and legal implications of my decisions so I can protect myself and my investments. They are always up-to-date on what is happening in terms of legislation and are very experienced with exposure to many different investment vehicles.

The Future

I’d absolutely recommend Prydis and, in fact, I have already recommended them to many of my friends. What I really value most about Prydis, apart from the quality of the advice they give, is their integrity. They provide a really personal service – they will make the effort to come and meet you and have calls with you, and are never too busy to speak to you. They are the perfect advisers for anyone who is looking to get the most out of their capital.

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