At Prydis, we offer a fantastic range of comprehensive audit and assurance services, including Statutory Audit, Solicitors Accounts Rules audits, and Audit Assurance Reports. Our tailored audit assurance services go beyond compliance, presenting an opportunity to enhance and develop your business to the next level.

Our team of experts bring extensive experience across diverse industries and company sizes, when it comes to audit and assurance services. Their knowledge allows us to provide practical advice and support that aligns with your specific business circumstances.

Financial Statement Audit 

A financial statement audit, which is also called a statutory audit, provides a thorough examination of your financial statements, offering valuable insights into the financial health and performance of your business. 

Our expert auditors meticulously assess your financial records, internal controls, and processes to ensure accuracy and compliance with relevant regulations. Beyond compliance, we delve into the details, identifying areas for improvement, risk mitigation, and operational efficiencies.  Our tailored audit and assurance approach considers the specific needs of your organisation, enabling the audit to become a catalyst for positive change and development.

Solicitors Accounts Rules Audits 

These audits are essential to demonstrate compliance with the specific accounting regulations that govern client funds. Our experienced auditors possess a deep understanding of the Solicitors Accounts Rules and work closely with your firm to ensure adherence and accuracy in managing client monies. 

We meticulously review your financial systems, procedures, and controls to provide assurance that client funds are properly safeguarded. Our audit findings and recommendations offer an opportunity to enhance financial practices, instilling trust and confidence among your clients and stakeholders.

Audit Assurance Reports 

These audits help provide an independent assessment of various financial aspects of your business. These audit and assurance reports evaluate specific areas such as internal controls, risk management processes, or financial performance. 

With our audit and assurance services, our experts make sure to  utilise their expertise to examine the designated areas, providing an unbiased and comprehensive assessment. The insights gained from these reports allow you to make informed decisions, identify strengths and weaknesses, and optimise your business operations.

Our team of audit and assurance experts bring extensive knowledge and experience across diverse industries and company sizes. This knowledge allows us to provide practical audit and assurance advice and support that aligns with your specific business circumstances.

Before commencing our fieldwork, we take the time to fully understand your operations and unique objectives. This deep insight enables us to offer relevant and valuable guidance. 

Our audit and assurance team not only identifies areas of opportunity, but also anticipates potential issues based on this understanding.

Upon completing our audit and assurance services, we provide a comprehensive report that outlines our findings. We collaborate with you to implement any necessary actions to enhance the effectiveness of your accounting procedures and controls, ensuring continual improvement.


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