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All too often the investment is made and the investors are left wondering what is happening.  They may hear the odd snippet of information, see posts on Social Media, be invited to buy the products or use the services but engagement is minimal.

After a period of time perhaps a year or so the investors are contacted to follow on their money; a new “plan” is produced as the Company seeks to explain why things have not gone to the original plan.


The focus is on developing the IP, product or service; they have no time to spend on the administration of the business – they will “get around to it”. The attitude of many will be to spend everything on the development of the product or service and save money by not employing administrative staff.  They look at the Bank account and see they still have money, not as much but the breakthrough is just around the corner. They have not factored in the various liabilities which have been committed by the Company; they are not controlling the rate of expense as tightly as they imagine they are doing.

They fail to use financial reporting to manage the business development.  They only see accounts as a necessary evil for tax and companies house – which is “well down the line?”.

The Impact

  • The Investors are not engaged with the Company. If they were they would be more actively acting as ambassadors;
  • The Company’s performance is not being tightly managed with a significant risk that milestones are not achieved;
  • The Company incurs added costs for missing deadlines for lodging returns;
  • All companies tend to have the requirement for additional funding either for growth or missing of specific revenue or expense targets;
  • Investors will have less appetite to add further capital into companies with low engagement levels;
  • The Executive will end up spending a greater amount of time seeking to raise next round funding as they have to open up new channels of investors
  • Performance of a company is significantly lower if there is poor financial control and reporting regimes in place. Remedial actions which could have been done are missed due to the lack of up to date information.
  • Budget for investment in operational development can be miss managed



Business Information

Prydis Corporate Advisers focuses on providing High Growth companies a cost effective service to produce relevant financial information in a timely manner. This includes the availability of experienced Executives to interpret and advise the business owners on their performance. Financial information needs to be Reliable, Regular and Relevant.

Investor Relations

Prydis believes the Company should engage with its investor base and leverage the extremely valuable extended network. The Key Offer for the investor community is a cost effective platform with the following key deliverables:

  • Assessment of the business KPIs
  • Establishment of financial control procedures
  • Accurate recording of all transactions and control of administrative reporting (Vat, PAYE, Corporation Tax, Companies House etc)
  • Timely reporting to Executives
  • Financial and Commercial Review Procedures

The Prydis Investor Relations Portal

  • Each Company to have a managed Investor portal on their website;
  • Financial Reporting to be done at least quarterly but preferably monthly
  • Important Commentary from Executive included
  • Call to action for “Ambassadors” of the Company
  • Products and Services available
  • Promotions available to investors and key relations
  • Incentives for introductions
  • Loyalty Programme

Working With Clients

We assess the business and work through the key drivers and determine the Key Performance Indicators. The financial record keeping and reporting systems will be designed to present the data in the most effective manner. We agree the roles and responsibilities for the financial management of the business, the form and frequency of reporting and set up financial controls that will ensure the business is properly managed. The work we do with clients can be summarised as follows:

  • Strategy
  • Finance Raising
  • Commercial Discussions
  • Compliance
  • Tax preparation and submission
  • Companies House filings


Engaged Investor Group

The Investor Group will have greater engagement with the business; they are likely to become ambassadors for the business and where appropriate lead to them using their contacts to benefit the Company.  There will be enhanced likelihood of investors following on their investment if this becomes necessary for the Company.

Improved Financial Management

Strong Financial Management is a necessity and not a luxury for growing businesses. The entrepreneurs will gain significant benefits from the provision of relevant information of the progress the business is making leading to improved decision making.

GREATER returns and outcomes for ALL

The business has a far greater opportunity of success, which will clearly benefit all stakeholders in the company.

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