As a commercial finance broker, Prydis can help you secure the funding you need to complete your developments. With access to an extensive network of property development finance providers, we can source the very best terms for your next property development project.


Property Development Finance to Support Your Projects

The UK is in urgent need of homes and commercial properties, and at Prydis, we can give you the financial head start you need to build them. Whether your goal is to create expansive developments like residential housing projects, office block construction, or extensive renovation works, Prydis can assist with your property development projects. Our team is equipped to provide expert business finance advice tailored to your specific property development objectives. As a commercial finance broker, Prydis can assist with sourcing the funding you need.


What is Property Development Finance?

Property development finance is an essential tool for developers looking to embark on a wide range of projects, from a single residential unit to large-scale development sites. This specialized form of funding allows individuals, companies, or investors to purchase land or property for the purposes of construction, renovation, or conversion. Property development often demands significant upfront investment, and this is where Prydis’ property development finance services can be of assistance.


How does Property Development Finance work?

The amount of funding available will vary depending on the project’s scale and the developer’s experience. Typically, finance providers agree to provide a percentage of the project’s gross development value. These funds are disbursed throughout the development process on a drawdown basis, subject to approval by the lender’s monitoring surveyor. Most development loans have a duration of up to 24 months.


Property Development Finance Factors

Securing finance for property development involves several critical factors that developers need to consider before being able to submit for finance. The extensive network of lenders that Prydis works with evaluate a number of different criteria before committing to financing a project. Understanding these factors and being prepared to meet lender requirements is crucial for successfully securing funding in property development.

Lender Criteria

  • Assessment Variances: Different lenders have their unique set of criteria for evaluation.
  • Key Considerations: Factors such as the developer’s history, the type of construction planned, property valuations, and the overall viability of the project significantly influence a lender’s decision.
  • Risk Evaluation: Lenders assess the risk associated with the project and the developer’s capability to execute it effectively.


Track Record Importance

  • Past Project Success: Demonstrating successful completion of prior projects becomes pivotal.
  • Proof of Capability: Lenders seek evidence of a developer’s track record to ensure reliability and competence in executing the proposed project.
  • Risk Mitigation: A proven track record can mitigate the perceived risks associated with lending to a particular developer.


Repaying a ​​Property Development Finance Loan

When it comes to repaying a property development loan, there are several approaches you can take. Most commonly, developers use the sale proceeds from the finished properties or developments to repay the borrowed funds. Another option is to refinance the development loan onto a long-term loan. This is the typical choice for developers who intend to keep the finished development for themselves or plan to rent out the property or properties.


Securing Property Development Finance with Prydis

Contact Prydis today to discuss your property development aspirations and unlock the financial support you need to bring your vision to life. Benefit from our extensive network of finance providers and gain access to the best terms for your next project. Let’s build a successful future together. Reach out now and pave the way for your property development success!

What can you expect from Prydis?

The terms of your property development finance are incredibly important. Fractions of a percent on the payable interest can make a huge difference to your eventual profits. 

Because we are totally independent here at Prydis, we have access to a large number of development providers and can work to ensure we put you with the provider that meets with your needs and is competitively priced.

Thanks to in-house expertise in law, accountancycommercial finance and wealth management, we can also take care of everything needed to get the funds in place as quickly as possible.

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