Prydis Legal is a law firm regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Our team of lawyers deliver a wide range of legal solutions, from guidance on corporate law and trusts to residential property and housing

To give you the best possible opportunities for optimising your wealth, our legal advice is also integrated with the financial and accountancy advice given by Prydis Wealth and Prydis Accounts. As a result, we can deliver comprehensive advice quickly so that even the tiniest details are accounted for.


Prydis Legal Limited is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, Registration Number 548039. Further information can be found in the Regulatory Information section of the website.

Corporate and Commercial

In the commercial and cooperate sectors, we offer various legal services and advice for businesses. Our corporate and commercial legal services cover commercial contracts, private equity and corporate advisory. For instance, if you have a business start-up, we can offer specialist legal knowledge. Furthermore, if you are planning to form a partnership or change the internal business structure, we can provide commercial contracts and advice in company restructuring and joint ventures. At Prydis, we assist with an assortment of legal challenges your business may face.

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Commercial Property

We have a long history associated with commercial property transactions. The support we can provide encompasses the purchase and sale of businesses, business leases and protecting capital. For example, buying a commercial property does come with financial risks. Buying a commercial property without detailed knowledge of it could become a financial disaster for your business. Additionally, you may lose out on development potential. With us, we will ensure your business capital is protected.

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Residential Property and Housing

Buying or selling a property can be a strenuous financial process. However, we take pride in delivering the best quality service with buy or selling property at an affordable fixed fee. For example, we have a concise process that gets you results faster. Furthermore, you can expect open communication with periodic updates and prompt responses to your enquiries. Your first meeting with us is free and if you are interested, we recommend contacting us as soon as you’ve put your home on the market or have a successful offer on a property. By getting in touch swiftly, we can ensure that your purchase or sale is processed quicker.

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Private Wealth

At Prydis, we focus on the finer details. We listen to your concerns and strive to understand your individual goals and priorities when it involves your private wealth. The services we offer include making a will, trusts and a succession plan for businesses. Additionally, we can explain the options available to you in managing the Inheritance Tax. When it comes to planning effectively for the future, we can help with any personal finance matters.

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Real Estate Finance

When it comes to real estate finance, we are in an advantageous position with the ability to draw on the plethora of expertise across Prydis to better understand what you or your organisation face. For example, we can provide bespoke solutions for secured lending transactions, advice on security implications of complex tax-driven reorganisations and restructuring property portfolios. Whether it is development and construction projects or investments and real estate organisations, we can give you the advice you need.

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Trust Service

Building up your wealth over your life takes hard work and dedication. By setting up a trust, you can protect your savings so they can be passed on to the next generation. We are a group of highly skilled providers of trust services with extensive experience in managing trust processes. Trusts can be used for different purposes depending on what benefit you wish to attain from them. Furthermore, you can use trusts to protect things for the future, like your estate and assets. Trusts can also help maximise tax efficiency. Creating trusts to protect your assets can make a positive impact on your beneficiary’s inheritance.

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Estate Administration

Dealing with all the assets and tax affairs of a recently deceased loved one can be very strenuous. Prydis can help ease the administrative load during this difficult time for the will’s executor. We are certified to deal with a full range of estate administration duties. Some of our duties include applying for the Grant of Representation, completing personal or estate tax returns, preparing estate accounts, encashing estate assets and preparing Deeds of Variation. When you choose Prydis, our dedicated and qualified solicitors will sympathetically guide and support you through the process. For example, we can act on behalf of the executors in administrating the estate or dealing with any errors in a will. You can trust that we will always ensure that our costs are transparent and will keep you updated during the process.

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Dispute Resolution

Achieving a resolution during a dispute can be stressful and time-consuming. Luckily, we have many years of experience in dealing with various issues that can arise and we specialise in finding the most cost-efficient resolutions. Whether you are a business, landlord or homeowner in need of resolving a dispute, we can help.

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Wills and Probate

Whether you are planning to write your will or have an existing one needing to be checked, seeking guidance with probate or looking to protect your assets for the future, we can help. We are specialists in safeguarding the client’s best interests and will guide them through each process step by step. Additionally, depending on your circumstances, we offer home visits or video-call sessions. Furthermore, we are conscious of the importance to give our clients the best value for money.

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Family and Relationships

We appreciate that family and relationship issues can be difficult matters to talk about. Our Family Solicitor will guide you through the issues and help you to achieve workable and realistic solutions that will help you move forward. With many years of experience, you’ll feel well-supported by our Family Solicitor and client-focused team. If something is worrying you, our Family Solicitor will be there to support you.

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