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New business leases are taken out on business premises on a regular basis.  These are legal contracts which can bind the parties involved for a number of years.  In certain circumstances, it is not just the business that is entering into the legal agreement but on many occasions where the business is a limited company you will find that the directors of the company will also be guaranteeing that the business will comply with the terms of the agreement. 

Instructing a Solicitor at the outset of business lease negotiations is a wise choice, protecting you and your business 

Many people feel that it is unnecessary to instruct a Solicitor to advise them on the contents of the lease and often proceed without taking proper advice. This can potentially create serious and expensive problems for the future.  Having a qualified and experienced Solicitor check and negotiate a business lease on your behalf can prevent this from happening. 

Negotiate from the start 

When a new business lease is agreed, heads of terms are prepared by the letting agents for the landlord and given to prospective tenants with the particulars.  Unfortunately the heads of terms are usually insufficient and will not cover all the points that will need to be addressed in the business lease which on average is likely to be more than twenty pages long. 

Instructing a Solicitor at the outset of negotiations is a wise choice ensuring that you are protected by agreeing all pertinent terms from the very start. 

Be informed, be in control 

There are many things to consider when negotiating a new lease.  These include who will have the responsibility for internal and external repair and decorating, who will be responsible for insurance, rent review provisions, permitted uses for the property and whether or not the protections of the Landlord and Tenant Acts are going to be excluded from the transaction. We can guide you through all the issues and advise you of your responsibilities and ensure that you understand exactly what you are agreeing to before you sign the lease. 

Our expertise employed for you 

We are experts at concluding negotiations quickly and efficiently when securing business leases and we understand that this is of paramount importance to our business clients.  We will advise you throughout the process. We will make sure that you are aware and informed of all your rights and the responsibilities you will hold under the business lease before you enter into such a key contract. 

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