Whether starting on your first development or being experienced in this field it is essential that you start on the right footing.  Any property development is an investment and it is therefore vital to ensure that all of your time and money is well spent. 

Site Acquisition 

The first part of the process is likely to be acquiring the right site.  Whether it is a plot of land, an existing house or a derelict building we will guide you through all the necessary searches and report to you on the legal title of the property. 

We will ensure firstly that there are no problems with the legal title of the property and secondly that there are no restrictions or legal issues that would prevent you from developing the property or properties as you intend. 

Developing the Legal Title 

In some cases, once the property has been purchased there is little for the Solicitor to do until it is ready for sale however for many property developments this simply will not be the case. 

In terms of development or conversion of a building or buildings into blocks of flats or subdividing a property into semi-detached or terraced houses we can help ensure that the legal title of the property or properties are properly divided granting all necessary rights and restrictions so that when the development itself is finished the legal title is ready in time for the marketing and sale. 

Successful Sale 

Having been involved at every stage of the property development we will ensure that the contract packs are ready the second you are ready to sell.  Once you have been successful in finding suitable buyers we can then proceed quickly and efficiently. 

For more information about the conveyancing process itself please refer to our Conveyancing – Buying and Selling section. 

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