Instructing us to handle your conveyancing when selling a property means you have chosen to ensure that only a qualified independent Solicitor will handle your conveyancing, from start to finish and that’s guaranteed. 

Our Conveyancing Support

What you can expect from our residential property conveyancing team.

Stage One: You have agreed a sale price 

We will: 

  • Obtain your title deeds or apply to the Land Registry for up to date copies of the title of your property 
  • Ask you to complete property information forms 
  • Prepare and send out the draft contract papers to the buyer’s Solicitor 
  • Request an up to date redemption figure for information purposes from your mortgage company 
  • Discuss with you any enquiries raised by the buyer’s Solicitor in respect of property and reply accordingly 
  • Arrange a meeting with you to discuss the paperwork for signature in readiness for exchange of contracts 
  • Agree a date for exchange and completion with you and your buyers Solicitor 

Stage Two: Exchange of Contracts 

We Will: 

  • Call you to confirm that we have exchanged for completion 
  • Receive the deposit from the buyer’s Solicitor 
  • Approve the draft transfer deed from the buyer’s Solicitor and arrange for you to sign the same in readiness for completion 
  • Obtain a final redemption figure from your mortgage company (if relevant) 
  • Prepare a completion statement for your approval and obtain the balance of funds from you (if relevant) 

Stage Three: Completion 

We Will: 

  • Receive the balance of the monies from the buyer’s Solicitor 
  • Call you to confirm completion and contact the estate agent to confirm that they can release the keys to the Buyers 
  • Pay off your mortgage and write to your mortgage company to confirm settlement of the account 
  • Forward the transfer deed and all other deeds and documents relating to the property to the buyers Solicitor 
  • Pay the estate agents sale commission if appropriate 
  • Forward the balance of monies to you 


We will quote you a cost on request.  Please remember that there are a number of additional expenses such as Stamp Duty, Land Registry, VAT and several search fees including those with the Local Authority to ascertain any planning issues that may affect the property.  Other searches may include flooding, contaminated land and mining subsidence. 

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