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Are you a business owner, director or in a partnership? A small self-administered scheme (SSAS) pension is an excellent choice for limited companies. A SSAS pension allows up to twelve members to save for their future and provide capital for their business. 

What is a SSAS Pension?

A SSAS (small self-administered scheme) is a type of group pension scheme for 1 to 12 members. Typically, these members are directors or employees of the same company, but family members are also eligible to join. All members of the scheme become trustees and make joint decisions on investment choices. 

A SSAS pension scheme is a tax-efficient way for members to save for their future, while benefitting from a significant amount of flexibility, including funding their own business. 

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What are the main benefits of a SSAS Pension?

  •     Invest your pension assets with a great deal of flexibility
  •     High level of control for pension scheme members
  •     Receive tax relief on company and personal contributions

In addition to these advantages, a SSAS allows you to:

  • Lend money to companies connected to the members – a great way to finance your business
  • Purchase your company’s trading premises and lease it back to the company
  • Borrow money within the pension providing additional liquidity for investment purposes
  • Purchase other non-residential property and access investment opportunities

 Inject funds into your business

To grow sustainably, all businesses depend on cash flow. Unlike other types of pension, a SSAS allows you to invest directly from the scheme into your business. You can lend 50% of the total value of the fund to your organisation at a commercial rate of interest.

Enjoy the freedom to make flexible investments

It’s not just your own business into which you can invest. You can loan funds to other businesses and individuals; it just needs to be secured by an asset. You can also invest in everything from non-residential property, land, bonds and listed shares to investment trusts and funds. Read our guide on how to set up a SSAS pension.

What can you expect from Prydis?

Our integrated team of financial, business and legal experts have the expertise to help you manage your SSAS fund effectively and efficiently. We can assist you with establishing the right structure, transferring your other pensions (including defined benefit or final salary schemes), and executing any investment transactions once everything is in place. 

We are truly invested in understanding the needs of business owners: our unique integrated approach means we can point out planning opportunities that other advisers may miss. Our clients can monitor their investments via our secure online portal. And thanks to our prestigious Chartered Financial Planners designation – the gold standard for financial planning firms – you can be confident that we are offering the highest quality of advice.

Please note: SSAS pensions are different from other forms of pension and may not be suitable for everyone. Before establishing a SSAS there are specific factors you need to be aware of, and you should seek advice from a professional financial adviser who is familiar with this type of arrangement.

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